To establish a successful project result, a structured project approach is key. At METICS we have proven that the V-model is the perfect method to design an electrical product in every fase of the design.

Phase 1

Functional specification

  • Refining the user's wishes

  • Refining the technical specifications

  • If necessary, filling any gaps in the prescribed wishes or specifications

  • Domain analysis. Understanding all domain specific parts and how they can influence each other

  • Determine focus. Aligning what the focus is on, production costs, development time or quality.

  • Capture Critical Components

Phase 2

Conceptual design

  • Designing the conceptual solution based on the functional specifications

  • Select electrical components based on technical specifications

  • Devise and simulate circuits

  • Define mechanical mounting principles and determine PCB size

  • Set up software architecture (UML Class diagram)

  • Set up display wireframe

  • Capture housing sketch design

Phase 3

Detail design

  • Electronics schematic design

  • PCB Layout Designs

  • Create and tune mechanical design

  • Detailed software design

  • Software coding

Phase 4


  • Prototype PCB making

    • Order PCB

    • Order materials

    • Assemble

  • Software implementation

  • Making a prototype housing

    • 3D printed

Phase 5

Module test

  • Electrical Testing Subsystems

    • Verify interface with detail design

    • Verify signals with detail design

  • Test software unit

    • Verify interface with detail design

    • Verify process values with detail design

  • Testing and Verifying Mechanics with Detail Design

  • Bringing hardware and software together at module level

Phase 6

Unit test

  • Bringing all submodules together

    • Verify operation with the concept design

    • Verify specifications with the concept design

  • System integration with housing

  • Verify system requirements with concept design

  • Debug and adjust if necessary

Phase 7

User test

  • Technical testing

    • Measure signals

    • Verify with functional design

  • Functional testing and debugging

    • Test functionality

    • Verify with functional design

  • Commissioning the PCB in real-life situation

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