During the years we have gained experience in the following markets.

Smart industry

Also called Industry 4.0 or smart factory and machinery. We enable companies to quickly go to series production in the fourth industrial revolution of industrial automation.

Water & Maritime

The challenge to provide secure drinking water within all layers of the population is huge. Smart control boxes will help to ensure these challenging targets. Robust solutions with creative elements will amaze users.

Agri, Food & Horticulture

The Netherlands: Calimero in surface area but a Giant in Agri, Food and Horticulture within the European Union. Due to innovation and research, we manage to create high quality and sustainable solutions. This results in a healthier foodprint for the entrepreneur and their products.

Defense & Security

To stay ahead of the enemy, you constantly have to innovate. Making missions more effective and accurate due to smart electronics, it minimizes unwanted casualties.


The automotive industry is one of the branches where innovation and pioneering is one of the key activities. Making sure to be ahead of the competitors or follow close behind them, results in a lot of new innovations and developments.

Consumer market

Today's consumers are very spoiled. They are constantly exposed to the latest gadgets with the latest technologies. At METICS we ensure that we have the latest technological developments with the right specialists.


The medical or healtcare sector is constantly looking for better and more optimized products and processes. Producing medicines and/or the use of medical equipment is constantly evolving. METICS has the experience to help develop the best processes and/or products.

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