Don't know where to start? Need electronics for your product or organization? We are METICS and we are the beste idea for the best ideas. Designing a product is divided in multiple services. These can also be delivered individually. Please contact us for the required service.

Electronic Productions

We provide the manufacturing of custom-made electronics. Starting with prototypes and scaling up to small and large series production of printed circuit boards.

Embedded hardware

If you want all the benefits of custom electronics and use all the advantages of embedded hardware for your product, METICS is your partner. We develop creative electronics what gets the most out of your product.

Embedded software

Make any application smart with embedded software. If it's a machine, toy functionality, data logging, user interfaces or whatever you can think off, we maken it. With creative software, it is sometimes even possible to reduce hardware costs. Ask us for the possibilities.

Industrial Design

From your phone until a control system on machines, from your mouse until a anti-blocking braking system on a vehicle, every product has a design process. Industrial design is all about combining user friendliness, functionality and attractive appearance that meets the customer's wishes. At METICS we have the experience and network to completely design your product that will meet all these bulletpoints.

PCB layout design

One of the services of designing embedded hardware or PCB's, is the Layout design. After the schematics and simulations are done, the PCB layout starts. With the best tools such as Altium Designer and Solidworks, we design a PCB layouts that fits seamless into your product design.

Schematic Design

When functionality is defined, interfaces are cleared out and simulations are done, the schematic design can start. Picking up-to-date parts and using the latest technologies, will help designing a product which can go fast to the market. Due to our experience and our standards, developing time is limited to a minimum.

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