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Make any application smart with embedded software. If it's a machine, toy functionality, data logging, user interfaces or whatever you can think off, we maken it. With creative software, it is sometimes even possible to reduce hardware costs. Ask us for the possibilities.

Functional specification

Together with the customer a functional specification is written. This is the base for the software program. In the functional specification, user interaction and product behaviour is defined.

Central Processing Unit

Also called the CPU. This computing based system is splittet up in two different architectures.

  • Microprocessor (MPU)

  • Microcontroller (MCU)

These two have different specifications in complexity, computing speed and peripheral handling. Depending on the needs of the customer, we can advice and make these embedded software programs.


MOS also called METICS Operating System. This is our own developed operating systems for microcontrollers and microprocessors. Using MOS will reduce development time significantly and speeds up the time to market.

Commonly used instruction sets
  • ARM

  • Coretex

  • RISC

  • RISC-V

  • CISC

  • x86

Depending on the needs the best instruction set can be selected.

Commonly used CPU Brands
  • ST

  • Microchip

  • NXP

  • Atmel

  • Texas Instruments

  • Infineon

  • Cypress

  • Freescale


Commonly used embedded software programming languages are:

  • C/C++

  • Python

  • Linux/Shell

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