Smartboxwater purification

When no safe drinking water is available, the Smartbox© is the ultimate solution. Water purification from nearly every source, as ponds, rivers and lakes.


Jotem Waterbehandeling B.V. is a company located in the east of the Netherlands and specialized in advising, designing, building and maintaining water treatment installations for various industries and companies.


Jotem was looking for a watertight controller for a water purification system that can function on a battery. This control had to be made compact and light so that the entire Smartbox can easily be transported and used to produce pure drinking water from every ditch, stream or river.

Our solution

METICS designed a robust and watertight control module that is as compact and light as possible. Inside the Smartbox is a wiring harness that connects the control module to the battery, pump, pressure sensors and water valves. METICS also developed two different interfaces for controlling the Smartbox. There is an operating interface on the front of the Smartbox. This interface is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. With one push button, the mobile water purification is switched on and can also be set in different modes. Examples of these modes are the venting position and the filter cleaning position. If the user forgets to clean the filter, automatic cleaning is programmed in the software. In addition, various LEDs can be found on the operating interface. These LEDs provide information about the battery, charging, the IoT connection and the status of the filtering process.

The charging circuit of the Smartbox was developed in such a way that it can be charged with 24V and 12V or with a mobile solar cell located in the Smartbox. In order for the solar cell to function optimally, the electronics were developed using MPPT. With the delivery of the Smartbox, METICS also supplied the METICS ServiceApp that can connect to the device. Because the Smartbox is equipped with IoT connectivity, the user (if access) can remotely connect to the Smartbox by means of the ServiceApp and can provide service with this ServiceApp. The provision of service includes updating the software, reading data and adjusting the parameters and pressure values.


A customer-specific operating system was developed that meets all customer's requirements. Because the end product is waterproof, compact and light, a lot of costs can be saved in the production phase. In addition, the operating system is composed as efficiently as possible, which is good for battery life. A sustainable solution was given for charging this battery by means of the solar cell. In short, METICS provided all components of the customer's wishes.

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