Drain JetOne Touch

The Drain-Jet OneTouch is a drainage cleaner that can clean an entire drainage pipe with one press of a button.


The customer was Sieger. They are located in Haaksbergen, the eastern side of the country. At Sieger, they create drain cleaners that are made for the future. By bringing efficiency and technology together, they enable today what will be essential tomorrow.


Sieger makes drainage cleaners and wants to be able to spray a drainage pipe with a hard jet of water. They wanted a more automated variant than the current drain cleaners. The name Drain Jet OneTouch says it all, the intention was that the customer can spray a pipe completely clean by means of 1 push of a button. This required certain software and hardware to be developed.

Our solution

Our solution was a mobile display for the tractor which the customer uses to control the Drain Jet OneTouch. With the control in the display, a Hydac IO module can be used to control all hydraulics that are present in the Drain Jet One Touch. This also allows all digital and analog sensors to be read out. In addition, a CanMeterCounter has also been developed on the display to show how deep the hose is in the drainage pipe.

Our solution

This machine can also detect a blockage in the drainage pipe very quickly, reducing the force on the machine. The Drain Jet One Touch will try to remove this blockage, but if it is really too clogged, the machine will also detect this and the hose will quietly go back. To properly register such a blockage, there is also an IoT function on this machine. The machine detects the blockage and by means of GPS the machine saves the location of the blockage. This information is then stored by IoT in a database if there is an internet connection. The machine also remembers the location of all pipes, so that it can be properly mapped out where they are. This also facilitates the work of contractors who are working on another farmer's land, for example.


There is an advanced Drain Jet cleaner that is extremely suitable for use on your own land, but also for use on third-party land. Because it has a good log function, it is possible to map out where the drainage pipes are located. It is also possible to create different customers or parcels. In addition, the automatic detection of blockages is a big gain for this machine. Because these can be quickly detected, less force is applied to the machine, which extends the life of the Drain Jet One Touch compared to other drain cleaners.

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