The expertise, knowledge and competence we have gathered over several years

Electronics design

Developing Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) is our core business. METICS is fully equipped with the tools and knowledge to convert a seemingly complex idea into a fully functional electronics design. Creating, testing and verifying the design are the following competences. When software is needed, the embedded systems skills will be added.

Embedded systems

A combination of embedded hardware and embedded software makes an embedded system. As Alan Kay said: "People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware". That is exactly what we do. METICS designs your embedded system with the most sophisticated solutions and takes it to serial production.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things or Industrial Internet of Things describes control devices that are connected to the cloud. Through a common location, information is shared and devices are controlled. It started with consumer products, but nowadays a lot of industrial applications are connected to the cloud. With our standard solutions we help companies getting their applications online quickly.

Smart System Design

If you look around you will see Smart System Design everywhere. A piece of hardware designed by an industrial designer and controlled with built-in hardware and software. Things like cellphones, Bluetooth speakers, smart TVs or even the old Casio calculator are examples of this. At METICS, we have the experience to help create numerous of these products.

Industrial design

From a cell phone to the operating system on machines, from a computer mouse to an anti-lock braking system on a vehicle, every product has a design process. Industrial design is all about combining usability, functionality and beautiful looks that meet the customer's needs. At METICS, we have the experience and network to fully design your product that meets all these points.

Industrial automation

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are commonly used in industrial automation. In today's factory reliability and speed are key. Some processes are slow and some are extremely fast. Due to our experience with a wide range of PLC brands, we can create the best solution for your problem. Check our experiences

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