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If you look around you will see Smart System Design everywhere. A piece of hardware designed by an industrial designer and controlled with built-in hardware and software. Things like cellphones, Bluetooth speakers, smart TVs or even the old Casio calculator are examples of this. At METICS, we have the experience to help create numerous of these products.


The implementation of software wil make systems smarter. Through complex algorithms and procedures, actions are executed. These actions define the system's characteristics. It's like every human has its own personality. For smart systems this is exactly the same. Every machine or device has its own personality, functionality and appearance. Adjusting this appearance and functionality to the expectations of the end-user, or even exceed them, will result in higher sale rates than expected. Expect the unexpected.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is becoming more common. Using the human mind to optimize systems. It's basically the same as growing up. After you have done something, you have more knowledge of that situation. You have learned something. This lesson can be taken to the next situation and can be predicted. This is called self-learning. These techniques are commonly used in AI applications. At METICS we have experience in modelling these complex situations. Making simulation models of all the physical influences and optimizing control algorithms.

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