AGVautonomous mobile robot

Waking up, not knowing where you are, lets think ahead a little. Process everything you see and think. Finally you've got it, your location and orientation. This is basically what we do with AGV's. Automatic Guided Vehicles. At METICS we have the experience to let your vehicle navigate to any place you want.


With the correct sensors, the environment is inspected and identified. Depending on the situation, different methodes are possible for these detections. METICS can help select the correct sensors for the right situation.


Knowing where you are is one thing, but going in the right direction is another. The machine or robot needs to be controlled correctly with the right motors and actuators. Due to the experience of METICS, we can help select the correct control system so the AGV will arrive at the desired location.


Combining all information. Controlling multiple AGV's. Collecting process data. Managing all this Big Data information, is done by a central management system. All AGV's are fully automated with software and controlling all their actions. The management system is just telling the AGV's what to do. The AGV knows how to do it.

Isn't that smart?


Due to NDA no further details can be published. Please contact us for more information.

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