Embedded hardwareDevelopment

If you want all the benefits of custom electronics and use all the advantages of embedded hardware for your product, METICS is your partner. We develop creative electronics what gets the most out of your product.

Advantages of embedded hardware
  • product integration

  • minimum installation size

  • faster product productions

  • optimal computing power

  • lowest series price

  • product protection

  • less installation time and failures

  • custom service possibilities

As Alan Kay said: "People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware".

Customer specific

Depending on the wishes of the customer, we design embedded hardware that optimizes the final product.

Common designs are:

  • analogue electronics

  • digital electronics

  • power electronics

  • communication interfaces

  • wireless solutions

  • memory (data logging)

  • display interfaces


We are able to design these printed circuit boards:

  • Multiple layer PCB's

  • Flex PCB's

  • Rigid flex PCB's

  • Metal core PCB's

  • PCBA


For the best product development, we use the best available tools in the market.

For PCBA design we use the latest Altium Designer.

For product design we use the latest Solidworks.

These designtools work seamless together with each other. Due to this combination, early design problems can be detected and changed accordingly.



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