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The Netherlands: Calimero in surface area but a Giant in Agri, Food and Horticulture within the European Union. Due to innovation and research, we manage to create high quality and sustainable solutions. This results in a healthier foodprint for the entrepreneur and their products.


Modern techniques help farmers with their daily work. Due to these control systems, the farmer saves time and has more time to look after his animals. This is better for the animal's welfare and the whole food chain. Thanks to innovative control systems, the farmer who is active in agriculture, such as the contractor, can work the land faster and more accurately.

With METICS we develop these smart control systems to help save time and do things better.


Cultivating plants outdoors and inside greenhouses, these environments are quite challenging due to vibrations and the large temperature and humidity variations.

Designing these control systems is one of METICS's specialties. Our knowledge of the market enables us to apply the best techniques for these solutions.

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