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METICS has developed an electric braking system for trailers that can be connected to any car.


The client who approached us for this project wishes to remain anonymous due to an ongoing NDA.


The European Union has banned trailers with overrun brakes from 1 November 2014. Various parties were looking for solutions for an alternative and these were mainly found in braking with hydraulics and air. Because this requires many adjustments to the car, our customer looked for a different solution. The customer wanted to develop an electric braking system and approached METICS for this.

Our solution

A lot of power is required to slow a trailer with electric brakes. This need of power is excactly the problem with the electric braking system. We do not want to make any adjustments to the car and to allow everyone to drive with this type of trailer, the customer wants the power to be supplied by the standard light plug that is present on a standard trailer. However, this plug has too little power to effectively slow down the trailer. In order to be able to realize this, METICS has made use of super capacitors. These super capacitors, or super caps, store the energy while driving and when you brake there is enough energy available to convert it into braking energy on the brake pads.

In addition, a detection and measurement system is available. This measuring system detects how hard the car is braking. As a result, the system knows how hard it has to brake the trailer, so that it is synchronized with the car and the driver barely notices that the car is pulling a trailer. All the electronics required for the braking system to function this way, come together in the PCB that METICS has put together for the customer.


The result of this development is that the customer has a well and smoothly, functioning braking system for trailers. The detection and measurement system that ensures the perfect braking force on the trailer is new on the market, so the customer has been able to patent it.

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